All About Water!

The owner/founder of Aquaglide, David Johnson, is so passionate for all things water that he relocated his business, North Sports, Inc., to White Salmon, WA in 1995. Aside from building and maintaining Aquaglide, Inc., North Sports has also grown and currently oversees the distribution for several of the largest brands in the kiteboarding and windsurfing industry.

Located at the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, there is an outdoor sports mecca – the small town of White Salmon. On any given summer day, you will find hundreds of colorful kits and sails enjoying clear water and warm winds in "The Gorge.” Days when the wind is not blowing (therefore allowing for flat-calm water conditions) are perfect for wakeboarding, towing, waterskiing, padding, or just lounging in the sun. For this reason, the Aquaglide brand was created in 2001.

The Aquaglide brand has grown steadily over the past 13 years encompassing a complete line of watersports products. It all began with its first product, the sailing inflatable Multisport. Some of Aquaglide's products include: Along with all of Aquaglide's brand growth, the staff has grown as well. Currently Aquaglide covers over 35 countries, which means international distribution is expanding at a rapid pace!

Even with Aquaglide’s growth, most things have not changed. Throughout its growth, Aquaglide products remain first and foremost because of the company’s passion for all things water! Most of Aquaglide’s employees choose to work with Aquaglide because they enjoy the products and love the lifestyle.

"All About Water," the Aquaglide slogan, is a statement about this shared enthusiasm. It also represents a connection with Aquagide’s customers. The Aquaglide brand continues its commitment to innovation, service and quality.

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- Kelley
Aquaglide Airport Classic Raft and Lounge
We loved this raft but I wish I had lasted more than a year. The canvas split on the second summer. We live in the north and it is a freshwater lake. The raft was only used from June to August so we really only got to use it for 4 months in the year before the canvas ripped. We stored it dried and in the house so not sure as to why it would rot that quickly.
- Michael
Aquaglide Cascade Inflatable SUP Package
Great for Travel!
I live in Arizona and there isn't a lake or much water nearby, so I was hesitant to buy a $900 board. Im so happy with how easy it is to travel with this thing. I haven't brought it on a plane yet, so I hope that goes well also.
- Chris
Aquaglide Airport Classic Raft and Lounge
Great Raft!
I bought the classic originally to be a dock in our lake for my kids. After they found out it could be towed, this thing has gotten so much use.
- Mike
Aquaglide Platinum 14 Foot Steel Frame Water Trampoline with Blast Bag & i-Log
Aquaglide Water Park XL
We bought this water trampoline for our lake this summer and got so much use out of it. Kids young and old bounced or tanned on it daily. The slide is nice but wish it was a little taller. The Blast Bag is everyone's favorite. Kids loved being launched into the air by their Uncle. I would recommend this to anyone interested in adding a water toy to their waterfront.
- Ron
Aquaglide Summit Express Water Park - FREE Boarding Platform
Monster Water Park
This year we added the Summit Express to our Summer Camp. I wanted to wait until the end of the season to write a review so I could see how it stands up to 3 months of constant use. It took some time to get it anchored in the right spot but once it was secure we did not have to touch it all summer. The boarding platform took a beating but after a phone call we had a new commercial grade platform arrive in 4 days. I guess they redesigned the platform so make sure you get the commercial version. The part I like the most is that all of the Aquaglide components are modular and can be connected allowing you to make a custom water park. We are not a big camp so the budget does not allow us to go crazy on new items. We plan on adding to the park each year. This year we are going to add the a Super Trampoline. Overall the Kids and the staff all loved it and we look forward to adding and marketing it to parents for years to come.
- Steve
Aquaglide Takeoff Bouncer and Towable
Great as a lake toy
The kids love it! Must inflate all the way for better performance.
- George
Aquaglide 110 Volt TURBO Air Pump
By far the best 110 volt pump on the market, hands-down no question about it. Huge inflation hose which is reinforced with metal wiring. Nothing compares to this thing.
- Gerry
Aquaglide Lanai Hexagon Lounge
Very Practical!
Bought 4 of these and connected them together to make a large floating "hang-out" station. Very practical and the kids spent half the summer out there. - Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved