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Customer Reviews

- Kelley
Aquaglide Airport Classic Raft and Lounge

We loved this raft but I wish I had lasted more than a year. The canvas split on the second summer. We live in the north and it is a freshwater lake. The raft was only used from June to August so we r
- Mary
Aquaglide Rebound 16 Foot Water Bouncer

Water bouncer
Very dissapointed. No bounce. Grandkids weigh 110 pounds or less and the surface doesn't support them. They sink in the surface. Added more air. Don't know how much air is too much.
- Michael
Aquaglide Cascade Inflatable SUP Package

Great for Travel!
I live in Arizona and there isn't a lake or much water nearby, so I was hesitant to buy a $900 board. Im so happy with how easy it is to travel with this thing. I haven't brought it on a plane yet, so
- Chris
Aquaglide Airport Classic Raft and Lounge

Great Raft!
I bought the classic originally to be a dock in our lake for my kids. After they found out it could be towed, this thing has gotten so much use.
- Mike
Aquaglide Platinum 14 Foot Steel Frame Water Trampoline with Blast Bag & i-Log

Aquaglide Water Park XL
We bought this water trampoline for our lake this summer and got so much use out of it. Kids young and old bounced or tanned on it daily. The slide is nice but wish it was a little taller. The Blast B
- Ron
Aquaglide Summit Express Water Park - FREE Boarding Platform

Monster Water Park
This year we added the Summit Express to our Summer Camp. I wanted to wait until the end of the season to write a review so I could see how it stands up to 3 months of constant use. It took some time
- Steve
Aquaglide Takeoff Bouncer and Towable

Great as a lake toy
The kids love it! Must inflate all the way for better performance.
- George
Aquaglide 110 Volt TURBO Air Pump

By far the best 110 volt pump on the market, hands-down no question about it. Huge inflation hose which is reinforced with metal wiring. Nothing compares to this thing.
- Gerry
Aquaglide Lanai Hexagon Lounge

Very Practical!
Bought 4 of these and connected them together to make a large floating "hang-out" station. Very practical and the kids spent half the summer out there.

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Aquaglide Water Trampolines vs Other Brands

Here are factual comparison charts regarding Aquaglide Trampolines versus competing brands. Because of the name of our site, we understand that our point of view may be perceived as biased; however we are confident the Aquaglide brand and materials are superior to its competitors.

28 Ounce 1000 Denier Duratex™ Commercial Grade Reinforced PVC. Ideally suited for watersports, Duratex™ material is the finest commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available.
HA Weld™
HA Weld™ - Hot Air Welded Seams. This is the most advanced and durable method for welding Duratex™ PVC.
Octane™ - Engineered with 8 Sides. Known in the trampoline industry to create a larger sweet spot and far superior jump quality. The octagonal shape will also work to prevent collisions between 2 bouncers in the middle of the jumping surface. Competing trampolines are round in shape and therefore draw bouncers naturally to the center, often resulting in an inevitable collision.
UV Block™
UV Block™ - Pretreated to resist sun damaging rays which will single handedly work to double the life expectancy of your trampoline. Competing brands expect their customers to treat the trampoline themselves initially. This results in 1 of only 2 likely scenarios: 1) Consumer of competing brand must venture out to a local marine supply store, purchase 303 protectant, and apply it to the entire outer bladder of their brand new trampoline costing time, money, and grief. 2) Consumer of competing brand may NOT apply 303 protectant due to time constraints, logistical impossibility, or unavailability of protectant locally, and their trampoline will suffer tremendously from sun damage all season.
HD Grip™
HD Grip™ - Heavy Duty molded handles which make boarding an ease. Most consumers don't realize how much of a challenge it is to board a water trampoline, therefore any type of support such as grip handles, are a tremendous help.
Swim Step™
Swim Step™ - Convenient boarding platform makes it so that anyone can now climb onto the trampoline. Competing brands still utilize the old ladder system which requires a large amount of upper body strength. The Swim Step has proven to be significantly easier for children.
InterLoc™ - Snap on the attachments to your trampoline easier than ever before. Makes for a quick set up and breakdown. Competing brands carry 2-3 attachments ONLY for their water trampolines. Aquaglide offers more than twelve!!

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